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Presenting: your compass, map and guide to surviving thriving in the Amazon jungle.

Months in the making, extra-long coffee-indulgent days in the writing , and hours in the fine-tuning...

What you’ve all been waiting for is about to launch.

Yes, my fellow Amazon ranking climbers: that all-encompassing course guidebook to upgrading your product listing you’ve all been waiting for is now but a countdown away from making a BIG impact in helping you fight off the competition and seriously boosting your online sales prospects.

* Are you ready to read some student and client testimonials?

You will see screenshots posted within the content below, just like this one:

How do I know it’s going to be such a game-changer?

For one reason because I’ve packed in reams of guidance and unprecedented amounts of value into the course, but also due to what I have invested so much of into the whole process.

And that something invested is you; because what I’ve really invested my time and energy into writing this course for is you, the course end-user and simultaneous Amazon warrior.

So whether you have been selling on Amazon for five minutes or five years, this course’s content is all about sharing my insight, knowledge, and experience of Amazon selling with you in such depth that I guarantee immense learning benefits that will put you miles ahead in the game compared to where you would be without it.

I guess you’re now curious as to what the learning benefits may be...

But let’s start at the beginning, with the course title:

The Amazon Superstar.

Define and discuss ‘superstar’:

Superstar (noun)

A star performer who is considered extremely talented, has great public appeal, and can usually command a high salary.

That sounds like something to aspire to, don’t you think?


I think both you and I can do better than this.

Therefore I have designed The Amazon Superstar course with two key objectives:

1) to make your product sell like never before, and 2) to make you a better all-round seller that can dominate your own corner of the Amazon market.

And with this in mind, I have coined my own definition of success that I want this course to aspire YOU to reach:

Amazon Superstar (noun)

A superstar online seller who is widely respected and successful, has great public and commercial appeal, and whose products command immense levels of sales on a daily, weekly, monthly basis.

This is the end product I want to nurture. Well, two end products – both you as a person, and your very own product itself as an Amazon listing in its own right.

To this end I have written this course in such a way that both your listing and your online salesmanship will make huge strides in the right direction simply by tweaking your own approach to managing your listing in line with my clearly signposted suggestions.

I now hear you asking what’s in the course exactly.


I am covering every blade of grass in the Amazon field by providing quality guidance in relation to key aspects of your listing such as keywords, product copy, choice of images, pricing strategy, promotions, review response, and a whole lot more.

This mapping out of your listings page and its promotion across the wider site and search engine’s rankings will make you a better equipped online retailer who is able to make more informed judgments and decisions on how to place and promote your product.

Awesome, what else?

I also give some direction on the often-ignored 'softer' elements of selling on Amazon – that is the process of getting some traction on your product’s ‘social proof’ and nurturing a relationship with your customer.

It may not be the hard-nosed business approach of crunching sales figures or the masterminding of promotional campaigns, yet social proof can often be the vital element missing from a stalling selling game that separates the customer's favourite from the serial refund product.

The course has this message thread throughout in kitting you out with a customer service skills masterclass to help you connect with your audience and build a loyal customer base around your product.

More details:

Format: how am I getting all this information to you?

Now this masterclass I’m promising is being delivered as an e-course, which is perfect for you as an end-user as it makes the course more free-flowing and flexible than a pdf or a video tutorial as you can simply click in and out of it while working on your own Amazon listing in another tab.

Also, all of the content is delivered from me to you via detailed instructions, commentary and insights accompanied with actual step-by-step guidance so that nothing falls through any gaps and that no stone is left unturned in seeking out those sales.

And to make the course even more personal in line with my one-to-one coaching style, in each chapter in the course I put forward my own product listings as examples / benchmarks of what you can do with your product.

This includes photos, screenshots, stats, price/cost breakdowns, comparisons, the lot.

This allows both you and me to avoid the pretence of discussing a ‘product X’ hypothesis and get straight to talking about real products in a real market. By sharing my own experience of what works (and what definitely doesn’t work) when it comes to optimising product listings, this will hopefully help you avoid the traps that many other Amazon sellers (including myself) have fallen for previously!

And this is ultimately what I’m offering you with this course. I’m giving you the past and the present of the Amazon journey so that you get the best future out of it: for yourself and your product.

I’m lucky enough to be in a position to share with you the sales approaches that have made me successful from my knowledge acquired through experience, and I’m giving you the step-by-step guidance on how to apply this winning formula in the here and now...

It is up to you to join those dots together and map out the rest of your – no doubt glorious – Amazon journey towards the success you want to achieve with your product(s).

Because what this course really pushes: how you can bridge the vital market growth gap between your sales now and the sales you want to generate, whether they be in 4 weeks‘, 6 months‘, two years‘ time towards reaching your product’s potential.

So there’s your compass for Amazon success. Probably more of a GPS satellite navigation system in terms of detail and direction given, but either way you will be a better seller with it than without it!

Click the link at the top of this sales page to take a closer look at the contents and to confirm your order with 50% off now!

P.S. Oh and beyond all this kick-ass course content, I suggest you check the bonus section. Talk about getting value - in quality and quantity - for your money...

I look forward to hearing and seeing your results from "The Amazon Superstar" online course soon.

Kind regards, and have a fantastic day!

Chris :)

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The Maker & Creator Of "The Amazon Superstar!"

Chris Jones

Allow me to introduce myself. Here goes...My name is Chris Jones, and I run a full time blog ZonLife Success which is aimed towards helping people just like you to become and live financially free - breaking through the barriers of the 9-5 grind towards building your own daily, weekly, monthly schedule!I am also the proud co-owner of three successful Amazon FBA businesses. YES, THREE! I have been running these online businesses for just over 16 months now and have never felt more energised, focused and, most importantly, liberatedMy highest month to date is just over £50,000 (please note, this is sale, not profits,) this amount in previous jobs would of taken me over 3 years to earn. These are not typical results for everyone else, but with The Amazon Superstar they can be for you.I am now just a few short weeks away from being live for 17 months - Don't let these number's result in you thinking this is all profit (profit margins sit around the 35% mark, sometimes higher) sometimes lower depending on the niche and product you are selling in!I now make regular daily sales of between £700-£1,000 per day, the profit margins on our products range from 30%-40% per sale madeHere is just one of the many testimonials I received from my amazing clients:I have a major obsession with helping people live the life they want (this is a healthy obsession, I promise you); on their own terms and not having to answer or report back to anybody else when that someone clicks their fingers at you.It's time you started making money work hard for you, not the other way around.And this is why I felt inspired to create ZonLife - a concept that goes far beyond the walls of your normal '9-5' job. I wanted to create an online community which excites and educates the online marketplace sellers of today and tomorrow, with an open invite into a forum of shared knowledge and experience that cultivates a shared sense of co-operation that benefits us all out there in the competitive market! Sound win-win so far? Good, you’re getting the message...The Freedom Code is something I have developed during my time selling and communicating online, which has three key elements to it:HappinessHealthWealthI believe the above are the major ingredients in living the life you want, whether it is a life of happiness, health or wealth, or ideally all three combined!Basically my ultimate goal in life is to help people chase their dreams and claim the rewards they deserve in the process.Plain. And. Simple!Anyway, enough about me and my ambitions...Here is another quirky testimonial from another one of my great clients via Facebook messenger:Let’s move onto the stuff that you really came here for - Amazon Success!Without any further ado, I give you... The Amazon Superstar E-Training Course!Let us begin...Click the "Order" button on the top right of this page to sign up now!

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • The Amazon Star

    • My Story

  • 2

    Course Overview

    • Course Overview

  • 3

    What Is Amazon FBA?

    • Fulfilment By Amazon (FBA)

    • The Amazon Superstar

  • 4

    What Is Private Labelling?

    • What Is Private Labelling?

  • 5

    Product Selection

    • Product Selection

    • Verified Product Review Tactics for 2017!

  • 6


    • Title Keywords

  • 7

    Key Features

    • Key Features Main Points

  • 8


    • Description Section

  • 9

    Product Images

    • Images

  • 10


    • Pricing

  • 11


    • Product Promos

  • 12

    Product Reviews

    • Reviews

  • 13

    Product Variations

    • Variations

  • 14

    Amazon PPC

    • Amazon Pay-Per-Click

  • 15

    More Details

    • More Details

  • 16

    Bonus 2 - Your Free 15-Minute Coaching Call

    • Schedule Your Coaching Call With Me!

  • 17

    Bonus 3 - The Superstar's Webinar

    • The Superstar Monthly Webinar.

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    Bonus 4 - Free ZonLife Success Membership Site Access

    • Membership website

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    Bonus 5 - The Secret Facebook Group

    • Secret Facebook Group!

  • 20

    Bonus 6 - The Wealthy Vs. The Poor Amazon Seller (Free eBook)

    • Release Date: 01/12/2016

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    Bonus 7 - Successful Online Resources

    • Online Resources

  • 22

    Bonus 8 - 50% Discount On All Future Courses

    • 50% Discount On ALL Future Courses!

  • 23

    Bonus 9 - The Secret Interview With Greg Mercer From Jungle Scout

    • Greg Mercer - The Secret Interview

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    Bonus 10 - Email Support

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    Bonus 11 - Earn £198 Per Each And Every Affiliate Sale Of This Course

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    Bonus 12 - Free Amazon Listing Checks

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    Bonus 13 - Your Free Bag Of Coffee

    • Your FREE bag of coffee

  • 28

    Bonus 14 - Superstar Testimonials

  • 29

    Bonus 15: Customer Email Follow Up Sequence

    • Amazon's Review Policy Changes

  • 30

    Bonus 16: The SEO Expert

    • The SEO Expert

  • 31

    Latest News

    • Latest News

  • 32

    Course Disclaimer

    • Disclaimer

  • 33

    Affiliate Disclosure

    • Affiliate Disclosure

  • 34

    Weapons of Mass Optimisation

    • My Top 5 Secret Weapons of Mass Optimisation

  • 35

    It's Time to Expand Your Bizz!

    • Expanding Your Amazon FBA Business!

  • 36

    How to Fund Your Amazon Journey!

    • How to Fund Your Amazon Start up!

  • 37

    Social Media Stardom

    • Social Media Marketing for Your Amazon Business!

  • 38

    Amazon Account Perfromance

    • Maintaining a Respectable Amazon Seller Account!

  • 39

    Amazon FBA Growth Hacks!

    • How to grow Your Amazon Bizz into New Sales Channels!

  • 40

    Company Set Up!

    • Setting up Your Legal Company!

  • 41

    How to get Verified Product Reviews in 2017!

    • Product review generation 2017!

  • 42


    • NEW (Keyword Research)